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I hope this song starts a craze

The kind of song that ignites the airwaves

18 January
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hey my bizzle, wanna izzle at the kizzle my nizzle? fo shizzle...
My name is Lydia
i like to draw and stuff...like that...
my bestest ever friend is Zoe or snoweypie
i like pie
add me if you like any of the stuff that i like... i want friends!

I own

Sophie's bleeding+broken heart

I own

Isabel's sparkly soul

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Conor Oberst is Love

BRAND NEW, my favourite band.
they bitch you should listen to them.
yes. you should. now. go listen.

NOFX they bitch, go listen, bla bla bla.

FINCH they bitch, listen, just do it.

Jack and Sally are Nightmarish Love!

80s rock is love.

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My name is Nuku

wow, isnt she cute? i stole her from sofa, blackbeads

, 3 x 3 eyes, 50's pin ups, 80's, afi, aladdin, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, animé, apple seeds, bam margera, barbie, bass guitars, batman, betty boop, biffy clyro, birdcages, black francis, bloc party, blondie, bloodhound gang, blue moon, boys in eyeliner, boys with nice hair, brand new, bumblebees, cake, camden, cartoons, chemical brothers, cherries, chili peppers, colour green, colour purple, comics, corsets, cucumber, david lovering, dice, dogs, double beds, dr pepper, drawing, dudes, elastic bands, emo, eyelashes, fairy lights, feathers, feminax, finch, flamingos, flowers, funeral for a friend, getting letters, getting parcels, glass, grass, greenday, grim fandango, guys, hanson, hearts, hello kitty, hives, holding hands, homestar runner, incubus, jack daniels, james brown, jesse lacey, jewellry, jimmy eat world, joey santiago, kim deal, leopard print, liam lynch, lipstick, love, lyrics, manga, mark ryden, marzipan, metallica, motorhead, mr wojcik, msn, music, nate barcalow, nirvana, nofx, old fashion, old skool rockers, pacman, paper clips, patches, pearls, penny-poopalita r.i.p, pennywise, photos, piercings, poems, polkadots, pom pom, powerpuff girls, quadbiking, randy strohmeyer, rings, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, root beer, roses, safety pins, salad, scissors, seven, sex and the city, shells, shopping, silence, skateboarding, sleeping beauty, smashing pumpkins, snapdragons, snapple, snow white, snowboarding, spongebob squarepants, strokes, strongbad, surfer dudes, surfing, taking back sunday, tatoos, tea tree oil, the beastie boys, the cherrybombers, the kinks, the pixies, tulips, turtles, twiggy, vegetaaable patch, vodka, weezer, whatitistoburn, writing, yayness, yo japan, zoe. i love zoe